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  • 01Agartala, Tripura

    Agartala - Land of Palaces and Temples

    For the north eastern region, after Guwahati, if there is one important city it is Agartala, the capital of Tripura. It is the second largest city of the region on the basis on of the municipal area and population. Located just 2 kilometres from Bangladesh, Agartala is also a cultural hub. It is......

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    Famous For:
    • Temples, Parks, Palaces, Museums
    Best Time to Visit Agartala
    • Mid Nov - Mar
  • 02Aizawl, Mizoram

    Aizawl - Land of the Highlanders

    Aizawl is the capital of Mizoram, one of the eight states of North-east India. Aizawl is a beautiful city spread over steep ridges, hills and valleys. The century-year-old capital city is situated 1132 meters above sea level and is flanked by the majestic peaks of Durtlang on the north. Adding to......

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    Famous For:
    • Waterfalls, Peak
    Best Time to Visit Aizawl
    • Oct-Mar
  • 03Ambaji, Gujarat

    Ambaji - The Casa of the Goddess

    Ambaji is one of the oldest and most revered pilgrimage centers of ancient India. It is one of the fifty two Shakti Pethas which are consecrated to Sati, the goddess Shakti. The seat of Ambaji Mata is at the hilltop of Gabbar hills, situated in Danta Taluka of Banaskantha district on the border......

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    Famous For:
    • Pilgrimage, AmbajiTemple, Gabbar Hills, Koteshwar Temple
    Best Time to Visit Ambaji
    • Oct-April
  • 04Amravati, Maharashtra

    Amravati – The Birth Place Of Leaders

    A growing industrial centre, Amravati is a distinctly significant part of Maharashtra in terms of culture and literature. Gopal Nilkanth Dandekar and Suresh Bhat are some famous personalities from this area. Bhagat Singh, the iconic revolutionary fighter, is said to have hid in Amravati for 3......

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    Famous For:
    • Ambadevi Temple, Temples, Heritage
    Best Time to Visit Amravati
    • Oct - March
  • 05BR Hills, Karnataka

    BR Hills – Of Temples And Hilly Tranquility

    BR Hills or Biligiri Rangana Hills is a hill range on the eastern border of the Western Ghats. It lies at a spot where the Eastern and Western Ghats meet and create a diverse eco-system. Biligiri Rangana Hills derives its name from the Rangaswamy Temple located on top of a white cliff. The hills......

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    Famous For:
    • Jungle Safari, Ghats, Biligiri Rangaswamy Temple
    Best Time to Visit BR Hills
    • Oct - May
  • 06Bandhavgarh, Madhya Pradesh

    Bandhavgarh – A Tryst With Tigers

    Bandhavgarh is believed to be the original home of the white tigers. As history records, Bandhavgarh was the hunting ground of the Rewa Maharaja. The old fort is the standing sign of this and surprisingly the forts still dominates the forest. Even before this place was a National Park,......

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    Famous For:
    • Wildlife
    Best Time to Visit Bandhavgarh
    • Oct-Mar
  • 07Bandipur, Karnataka

    Bandipur – An Encounter With The Wild

    The Bandipur Forest Reserve area is one of the better known tiger reserves in India, boasting of a tiger population of nearly 70. It lies just 80 km from Mysore and about 220 km from Bangalore, and you can drive down from either of the cities. The Region, The Wildlife And More The reserve in......

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    Famous For:
    • Jungle Safari, Bird Watching, Hiking
    Best Time to Visit Bandipur
    • Jan-Dec
  • 08Bannerghatta, Karnataka

    Bannerghatta – A Natural Zone Near a High Tech City

    If you live in Bangalore and are looking for a place to visit during the weekend, try going to Bannerghatta. This is a very prominent destination that attracts people from all around the world. The Bannerghatta Wildlife Park, is located at a distance of 22 km south of Bangalore City. Covering an......

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    Famous For:
    • Jungle Safari, Butterfly Park
    Best Time to Visit Bannerghatta
    • Jan-Dec
  • 09Baran, Rajasthan

    Baran - For The Pious and The Gleeful

    Baran, a popular district in the state of Rajasthan, was carved out of Kota District on 10th April, 1991. The place is covered with forests of Sagavan, Kher, Salan, and Gargsari and the River Kalisindh flows through the region. It was ruled by the Solanki Rajputs during the 14th and 15th......

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    Famous For:
    • Temples, Forts And Mosque
    Best Time to Visit Baran
    • Oct-Feb
  • 10Begusarai, Bihar

    Begusarai - The Ancient Royal Retreat

     Begusarai is a city in the state of Bihar and serves as the administrative headquarters of the district. Begusarai is located on the northern bank of the Holy Ganges river. Tourist places in and around Begusarai Begusarai Tourism has promising tourist destinations of its own that can delight......

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