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  • 01Adilabad, Telangana

    Adilabad - The Town of Cultural Convergence

    Adilabad is a municipal town that lies within the Adilabad district and the town is also the headquarters for the district. Adilabad district is part of the south Indian state of Telengana. According to local legends, the place takes its name from that of Mohamed Adil Shah who was the quondam......

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    Famous For:
    • Culture, Legends, Anicut, Dams, Shrines
    Best Time to Visit Adilabad
    • Oct-Feb
  • 02Agartala, Tripura

    Agartala - Land Of Palaces And Temples

    For the northeastern region, after Guwahati, if there is one important city, it is Agartala, the capital of Tripura. It is the second largest city of the region on the basis of the municipal area and population. Located just 2 km from Bangladesh, Agartala is also a cultural hub. It is located in......

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    Famous For:
    • Temples, Parks, Palaces, Museums
    Best Time to Visit Agartala
    • Mid Nov - Mar
  • 03Agra, Uttar Pradesh

    Agra - Beyond The Taj Mahal

    Agra is the city of the iconic Taj Mahal. Located in the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, at a distance of about 216 km from Delhi, Agra has two more UNESCO World Heritage Sites to its credit apart from the Taj Mahal, the Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri. The history of Agra begins around the......

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    Famous For:
    • Taj Mahal, Mughal Era Monuments,Soami Bagh And Mehtab Bagh, Botanical Gardens Migratory Birds Such As Spoonbills, Siberian Cranes At Sarovar Bird Sanctuary
    Best Time to Visit Agra
    • Oct-Mar
  • 04Ahmedabad, Gujarat

    Ahmedabad - The Pulse Of Gujarat

    A city of paradox, Ahmedabad is a juxtaposition of all opposites. On one side we find the Gujaratis who are famous throughout India as master businessmen and on the other, we had Gandhiji with his Satyagraha and non-violence. Materialistic attitude one hand and the spirituality of......

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    Famous For:
    • Mahatma Gandhi, Sabarmati Ashram,Gujarati Thali, SwamiNarayan Temple
    Best Time to Visit Ahmedabad
    • Oct-March
  • 05Ahmednagar, Maharashtra

    Ahmednagar - Where History Beckons...

    Ahmednagar is a city in the Ahmednagar district that comes under the state of Maharashtra. Lying on the west bank of the river Sina, the Ahmednagar district by itself is the largest district in Maharashtra. Ahmednagar is located centrally in Maharashtra and hence is equidistant from Pune and......

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    Famous For:
    • Ahmednagar Fort, Vishal Ganpati Mandir, Chand Bibi Palace, Dargah Daira, Temples Etc
    Best Time to Visit Ahmednagar
    • Oct-Mar
  • 06Aizawl, Mizoram

    Aizawl - Land Of The Highlanders

    Aizawl is the capital of Mizoram, one of the eight states of North-east India. Aizawl is a beautiful city spread over steep ridges, hills and valleys. The century-year-old capital city is situated 1132 m above sea level and is flanked by the majestic peaks of Durtlang on the north. Adding to the......

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    Famous For:
    • Waterfalls, Peak
    Best Time to Visit Aizawl
    • Oct-Mar
  • 07Ajmer, Rajasthan

    Ajmer - A Gem In The Lap Of Aravali

    Ajmer, located in the Ajmer District of Rajasthan is the 5th largest city of the state, and is located at a distance of 135 km from the capital city of Jaipur. It was formerly known as Ajmere or Ajaymeru. The city is flanked by the Aravalli Ranges. One of the oldest hill forts of the country,......

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    Famous For:
    • Sufi Shrine, Museums And Lakes
    Best Time to Visit Ajmer
    • Nov-Mar
  • 08Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh

    Aligarh - Trace The History Of Locks In Aligarh

    Aligarh is a city located in the Aligarh district of India’s most populous state, Uttar Pradesh. The city is a significant learning centre and has many educational institutions to its credit including the famous Aligarh Muslim University. Aligarh has a long history and it is here that the battle......

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    Famous For:
    • Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh Fort, Brass Products, Lock Maunfacturing Industry
    Best Time to Visit Aligarh
    • Oct-Mar
  • 09Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh

    Allahabad - The Sacred Land Of The Sangam

    Allahabad, one of the largest cities of Uttar Pradesh is a city of many dimensions. Apart from being a major pilgrimage centre for the Hindus, Allahabad has played an important role in shaping the destiny of modern India. Formerly known as Prayag, the city finds mention in Indian scriptures, such......

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    Famous For:
    • Sangam, Kumbh Mela, Maha Kumbh, Allahabad Sweets, Magh Mela
    Best Time to Visit Allahabad
    • Nov-Feb
  • 10Alleppey, Kerala

    Alleppey – The Venice Of The East

    Alleppey, the land of lagoons, leisure and tranquility, is appropriately named the ‘Venice of the East’. Its enchanting backwaters and the lush carpet of green amidst the many crisscrossing canals curtained by palm trees, will excite the romanticist in you and soar your imagination to new......

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    Famous For:
    • Beaches, Backwaters
    Best Time to Visit Alleppey
    • Sep - Mar
  • 11Along, Arunachal Pradesh

    Along - The Valleys Of Nature

    Nestled in the mountains of West Siang district in Arunachal Pradesh, Along is a beautiful town comprised of small villages. It is located near the borders of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh on the banks of two rivers Yomgo and Sipu, tributaries of river Siang. It is situated at an altitude of 619 m......

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    Famous For:
    • Scenic Beauty, Buddhist Monasteries,Trekking.
    Best Time to Visit Along
    • Sept-Jan
  • 12Aluva, Kerala

    Aluva - By The Periyar River

    Aluva is a destination famous for its Mahasivarathri festival held annually at the Shiva Temple. People from all over the state gather here for the same. Aluva is well connected from other major towns, and it is 12kms away from Kochi. Mahasivarathri is a six day long festival. Tourist Places In......

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    Best Time to Visit Aluva
    • Jan-Dec
  • 13Alwar, Rajasthan

    Alwar - A Medley Of Marvels

    Alwar is a hilly region located amidst the craggy rocks of the Aravalli Ranges in the state of Rajasthan. This place serves as the administrative headquarters of the Alwar District. According to mythology, the region was known as Matsya Desh where the Pandavas are believed to have spent the 13th......

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    Famous For:
    • Cenotaphs, Forts And Lakes
    Best Time to Visit Alwar
    • Sept-Mar
  • 14Ambaji, Gujarat

    Ambaji - The Casa Of The Goddess

    Ambaji is one of the oldest and most revered pilgrimage centres of ancient India. It is one of the fifty two Shakti Pethas which are consecrated to Sati, the goddess Shakti. The seat of Ambaji Mata is at the hilltop of Gabbar hills, situated in Danta Taluka of Banaskantha district on the border......

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    Famous For:
    • Pilgrimage, AmbajiTemple, Gabbar Hills, Koteshwar Temple
    Best Time to Visit Ambaji
    • Oct-April
  • 15Ambala, Haryana

    Ambala – The Twin City

    Ambala is a small city and a municipal corporation located in the Ambala District of Haryana. The city can be further divided politically and geographically as Ambala City and Ambala Cantonment which are just 3 km apart. The city of Ambala separates two river networks – the Ganges and the Indus.......

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    Famous For:
    • Ambala Cantt
    Best Time to Visit Ambala
    • Oct-Nov
  • 16Ambasamudram, Tamil Nadu

    Ambasamudram - The Bosom Of Mother Nature

    Ambasamudram is a small but picturesque town located in the Tirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu. The Tamirabarani river runs by its side and it is situated on the foothills of the Western Ghats. Its sister town, Kallidaikurichi, is on the opposite bank of the Tamirabarani river. Thus, the town is......

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    Famous For:
    • Dams, Waterfalls, Rivers, Hill Station, Religious, Tiger Reserve
    Best Time to Visit Ambasamudram
    • Oct-Mar
  • 17Amby Valley, Maharashtra

    Amby Valley – A Unique Vision

    Amby Valley is essentially a brainchild of the Sahara Group. Ever since the idea was proposed, opinions have swayed several times over and the feasibility of the venture has been questioned time and time again. As much as Amby Valley may have faced several hurdles as an investment option, but......

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    Famous For:
    • Adventure, Leisure, Golf, Horse Riding, Trekking, Water Sports Etc
    Best Time to Visit Amby Valley
    • Sept - Oct and March - June
  • 18Amravati, Maharashtra

    Amravati – The Birth Place Of Leaders

    A growing industrial centre, Amravati is a distinctly significant part of Maharashtra in terms of culture and literature. Gopal Nilkanth Dandekar and Suresh Bhat are some famous personalities from this area. Bhagat Singh, the iconic revolutionary fighter, is said to have hid in Amravati for 3......

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    Famous For:
    • Ambadevi Temple, Temples, Heritage
    Best Time to Visit Amravati
    • Oct - March
  • 19Amritsar, Punjab

    Amritsar - The Cradle Of The Golden Temple

    One of the largest cities in the state of Punjab in northwest India, Amritsar is the spiritual and cultural centre of the Sikh community. Named after the holy tank of Amrit Sarovar, the city of Amritsar was founded in the 16th century by the 4th Sikh Guru, Guru Ram Das Ji. His successor Guru......

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    Famous For:
    • Golden Temple, Temples,forts
    Best Time to Visit Amritsar
    • Oct-May
  • 20Anand, Gujarat

    Anand - A Town 'Utterly, Butterly Yummilicious'!

    Anand is famous because of the dairy co-operative movement of India under the brand name of AMUL (Anand Milk Union Limited). Anand was the centre of the White Revolution. This revolution has ultimately been able to make India one of the largest producers of milk and milk products. Tourist Places......

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    Famous For:
    • Milk Capital Of India, Pilgrimage
    Best Time to Visit Anand
    • Sep - Nov
  • 21Anantnag, Jammu and Kashmir

    Anantnag - The Valley Of Springs And Lakes

    Anantnag district, known as the commercial capital of Jammu & Kashmir, is located in the south-western part of the Kashmir valley. The destination is considered to be one of the most developed regions in the valley of Kashmir. In 5000 B.C, this region became a market town and gained the title of......

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    Famous For:
    • Shrines, Hazrat Baba Rashi, Temples, Natural Springs
    Best Time to Visit Anantnag
    • May - Sep
  • 22Arki, Himachal Pradesh

    Arki - Of Caves And Temples

    Arki is a major tourist destination located in the district of Solan, Himachal Pradesh. The smallest town of the district, it provides the travellers an opportunity to visit some of the most exotic tourist destinations of the region. Historically, this town was the former capital of the ancient......

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    Famous For:
    • Arki Fort And Palace, Temples And Sair Fair
    Best Time to Visit Arki
    • Jul-Aug
  • 23Aurangabad, Maharashtra

    Aurangabad - History Revived

    Named after the great Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb, Aurangabad is a popular city in Maharashtra. The word Aurangabad literally means, built by the throne. Aurangabad city is located in the northern part of the state of Maharashtra, in the western region of India. Placed by the Kham river, Aurangabad......

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    Famous For:
    • Heritage, Ajanta Ellora, Bibi Ka Maqbara, Himroo Textiles, Paithani Silk Sarees, State Tourism Capital
    Best Time to Visit Aurangabad
    • Oct - Mar
  • 24Aurangabad-Bihar, Bihar

    Aurangabad - The Charismatic City Of Bihar

    Aurangabad is of the most supremely charming cities of Bihar. The city of Aurangabad is seeped to the core in the legacy of elaborate historical events. It is from its vibrant past that the city derives its aura and charisma that can cast a spell on the mind of a visitor. The city is also widely......

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    Famous For:
    • Heritage
    Best Time to Visit Aurangabad-Bihar
    • Oct-Mar
  • 25Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh

    Ayodhya - Trace The Footprints Of Lord Rama

    Located on the banks of the Sarayu river, Ayodhya is a popular pilgrimage centre for the Hindus. The town is closely associated with Lord Rama, who is believed to be the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu. According to the epic Ramayana, the ancient city of Ayodhya was the capital of the Surya......

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    Famous For:
    • Ram Janambhoomi Temple, River Saryu Ghats, Negeshwar Nath Temple, Hanuman Garhi
    Best Time to Visit Ayodhya
    • Nov-Mar
  • 26Bagalkot, Karnataka

    Bagalkot - Visit The Heritage City!

    The town was earlier known as Bagadige and legend has it that the town was gifted by one of the Bijapur kings as bangle money (for buying bangles and other jewellery) to his daughter. Tourist Attractions In And Around Bagalkot Bagalkot has a few attractions that are worth exploring. Some of the......

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    Best Time to Visit Bagalkot
    • Nov-Feb
  • 27Bagdogra, West Bengal

    Bagdogra – Amidst Lush Tea Gardens

    Cities in the north of West Bengal have a way of attracting tourists like no other place in India. The vast lush green tea gardens on the one hand coupled with the majestic snowcapped Himalayan ranges on the other make for an ideal vacation setting, whether it is a weekend getaway, a birthday or......

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    Best Time to Visit Bagdogra
    • Nov-Feb
  • 28Bangalore, Karnataka

    Bangalore - The New Face Of India

    Skyscraping buildings, the best airport, green gardens, adventure & sports centers, and bustling shopping malls, unarguably make Bangalore one of India's dynamic cities and a travelers paradise. The nation's leading information technology exporter Bengaluru is widely regarded as the silicon......

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    Famous For:
    • Metro City, Shopping Malls, Home To Kannada Film Industry, Variety Of Restaurants, Roadside Foods, Sports Clubs
    Best Time to Visit Bangalore
    • Jan-Dec
  • 29Bankura, West Bengal

    Bankura - The Land Of Hills And Temples

    Over recent years with the penetration of tourism into West Bengal getting deeper into the state, Bankura Township, which is now actually a mini city, has seen a significant upsurge. The city has just around 150,000 inhabitants and is culturally and traditionally very rich with references to it......

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    Famous For:
    • Hills
    Best Time to Visit Bankura
    • Oct-Apr
  • 30Banswara, Rajasthan

    Banswara - The City Of Hundred Islands

    Banswara is a city located in the southern part of the state of Rajasthan. It is the district headquarters of Banswara district which is spread over an area of 5,307 sq km. Banswara, located at an average elevation of 302 m, was formerly a princely state which was founded by Maharawal Jagmal......

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    Famous For:
    • Temples, Lakes And Kunds
    Best Time to Visit Banswara
    • Aug-Mar