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Kolkata Weekend Getaways

15 Stunning Weekend Getaways From Kolkata

The city of joy Kolkata in West Bengal is on the list of every traveller for obvious reasons. The food, the culture, the festivals, everything makes it a favourite destination for every traveller....
Ahmedabad Weekend Getaways

30 Weekend Getaways From Ahmedabad

Gujarat is known for its many exotic destinations and is also considered as one of safest places, especially for solo travellers in India. Explore tons of amazing weekend getaways from the former...
Chennai Weekend Getaways

35 Brilliant Weekend Getaways From Chennai

Located on the Coromandel coast off the Bay of Bengal, Chennai, the capital city of Tamilnadu is a vibrant mix of new and old. Believed to be over 300-years old, Chennai is known for its...
Delhi Weekend Getaways

55 Stunning Weekend Getaways From Delhi

The capital city Delhi is an amazing mix of old and new, and young and old. On one hand, the city boasts of its modern infrastructure and flaunts its heritage buildings and centuries-old epic...
Mumbai Weekend Getaways

50 Weekend Getaways From Mumbai

The charm of Mumbai never fails to lure travelers from not just within the country but all over the world, yet all we city dwellers crave for a little change every now and then, to break the...
Bangalore Weekend Getaways

60 Weekend Getaways From Bangalore

Relax, unwind and rejuvenate with these ultimate weekend getaways from Bangalore. Choose from adventure, leisure, wildlife, heritage and more destinations and explore some amazing destinations from...

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