Toughest Pilgrimage Destinations In India Here Is The List

Toughest Pilgrimage Destinations In India; Here Is The List

India is a land where language, culture, and food change almost every 20 km. India has many different religions in different states, sometimes, different religions in one state itself. The more the religion, the more the pilgrimage. People are believers in ...
Places To Visit In Muzaffarnagar Things To Do And How To Reach

The Bustling City Of Muzaffarnagar In Uttar Pradesh

PC: Superfast1111 Not only is the wonderful state of Uttar Pradesh the third largest state in terms of size with a huge population, but all sorts of tourist destinations are also present here - all of those which one can dream ...
Places To Visit In Rourkela Things To Do And How To Reach

Let Us Take A Ride To Rourkela: The Commercial Capital Of Odisha

PC:Soman Imagine the sturdy hills with the richness of valuable minerals, cradling a tribal heartland which is some 192 km away from the north of Sambalpur. The entire civilization was left unexplored until the setting up of the first public sector ...
Places To Visit In Mirzapur Things To Do And How To Reach

Let The Mind-blowing Mirzapur In Uttar Pradesh Intoxicate Your Sense Of Travel!

Let us talk about the city of Mirzapur located in Uttar Pradesh which is an extraordinary amalgamation of exquisite carpet making, mud, clay pots, toys as well as brassware, along with alluring landscapes for the tourists. It is bordered by numerous ...
Places To Visit In Pushkar Things To Do And How To Reach

Pushkar: Lifetime Experience With A Trip To The Holy Town!

P.C: Max art Prepare to marvel at the architecture and lacquered facade of ornate buildings, in the glorified regal town of Pushkar, Rajasthan. With its rich cultural background and heritage, Pushkar is home to some of the best examples of the ...
Places To Visit In Badrinath Things To Do And How To Reach

Badrinath- An Ode To Pilgrimages And Spectacular Natural Splendour

P.C: Darius Soodmand Renowned all over the globe as a revered religious destination, Badrinath in Uttarakhand, has religious and mythological connotations tucked away in its every nook and cranny. However, besides being a popular pilgrimage site, Badrinath with its indisputable natural ...
Places Visit Pulwama Things Do How Reach

Love Discovering & Travel? Pulwama Will Give You Vacation Goals!

P.C: Adrien Olichon Pulwama, the 'Rice Bowl of Kashmir', is the agriculturally rich district of Jammu and Kashmir. Formerly known as 'Panwangam' or 'Pulgam', Pulwama was ruled by the Mughals in the 16th century before the Afghans took over in the ...
Places Visit Abohar Things Do How Reach

Pack Your Bags And Head To Abohar: We Give You Reasons Why

P.C: Ahsan S. A mellifluous symphony of three distinct Indian cultures of the states of Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan come together in this little town of Abohar, Punjab. With scanty population and abundance of natural grandeur, the town is a quaint ...
Places Visit Pathankot Things Do How Reach

Pathankot, An Archaic Euphoria

P.C: Luke Richardson Pathankot in Punjab opens doorways to history that predominantly embraces the bearings of its glorified historical past. Once a capital of the Pathani Rajputs state of Nurpur in India, Pathankot has pages of history and antiquity attached to ...
Places Visit Deoghar Things Do How Reach

Idyllic Deoghar: The Perfect Getaway For A Spiritual Daze

P.C: Nandhu Kumar Deoghar, an idyllic place in Jharkhand, boasts of an extraordinary legacy of revered Hindu shrines and pilgrimages. Dotted by the ruins of many Buddhist monasteries, this little town is popularly known as the 'Baidyanath Dhaam'. With an average elevation ...
Places Visit Chittoor Things Do How Reach

Think Different And Plan Your Vacation To The Lesser Known Destination Of Chittoor

P.C: Rodion Kutsaev Chittoor, located in Andhra Pradesh, not just has an immense historical significance but is also home to some of the most picturesque vistas. Rich in culture and traditions, Chittoor is a seamless melange of natural and architectural splendour. ...
Places Visit Patan Things Do How Reach

Patan: A Gorgeous Retreat In Gujarat

P.C: elCarito The fortified former capital of Gujarat, Patan is a town whose inception dates back to 745 AD. Built by the then king Vanraj Chavda, this antiquated historic town is famous for its exquisite historical edifices and natural splendour that ...

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