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Bellary - The Cultural City Of Karnataka!


Bellary is one of the tourist destinations in Karnataka. This place shares its border with Andhra Pradesh. For the same reason, the culture of the place is a blend of both Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

Tourist Places In And Around Bellary

Bellary is a place that is historically significant. Many neolithic archaeological sites have been discovered around this region like the ash mounds at Sanganakallu, Budihal and Tekkalakote. It is interesting to know that the place has had several names through historical times, like Kuntala Desha, Sindavadi-nadu and Nolambanadi-nadu.

Ballari Fort is the major tourist attraction here. Other attractions include Ballari and Kumbara Rock Hills, Kuntegadda Park, Bellary Zoo and Kaategudda Park.

Bellary Weather

Bellary enjoys a semi-arid climate. Monsoon and winter seasons are the best here.

Bellary Weather

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How to Reach Bellary

  • By Road
    The city is well connected to the cities of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Goa. Inter-city buses and public transport are used to commute within the city limits.
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  • By Train
    There are two railway stations that serve the city of Bellary – Bellary Junction and Cantonment. The city is well connected by rail to the cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Raichur, Ananthapur, Hindupur and Tirupati.
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  • By Air
    Though there is an airport at Bellary, no international flights run from here. This domestic airport has flights to places like Goa and Bangalore that have international airports.
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