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Bhadra – A Paradise in Green


Bhadra is a region that's mainly famous for the Bhadra Wildlife sanctuary, and it is situated in the Chikmagalur district of Karnataka. Located in the Western Ghats, this wildlife sanctuary recently became part of Project Tiger and is now a tiger reserve.

Set amidst the lush forests of the Western Ghats, Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary was formed from the Jagara Valley game reserve established in 1958. This game reserve became a wildlife sanctuary and was renamed as the Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary, and the area of the reserve was also extended. It covers a total of 492 sq km and is located at a distance of 38 km from Chikmagalur town. It lies at a distance of 282 km from Bangalore City.

Mingling With The Wildlife – Tourist Places In Bhadra

This deciduous forest is home to several species of plant and animal life. There are more than 120 species of plant life here, including varieties like teak, rosewood, bamboo and jackfruit as the ecosystem supports varied fauna.

You can find different types and species of deer here like the Sambar, spotted deer or Chital and barking deer. Gaurs, Langurs, Macaques, Slender Loris, Malabar giant squirrels and elephants also inhabit this forest.

Thanks to such a variety of herbivores, predators like leopards, wild dogs and tigers thrive here too. You can even spot jackals, sloth bears and wild boars in this reserve and the place is home to tiny carnivores like mongoose, otters and leopard cats.

The region of Bhadra became a part of Project Tiger and was declared as a tiger reserve in 1998. With over 250 bird species, this place is also a paradise for bird lovers and parrots, pigeons, partridges, jungle fowl, bush quails, emerald doves, parakeets, mynas, and woodpeckers these are just a few of the birdlife found here.

If you're fond of reptiles (yes, you read that right), species ranging from snakes to crocodiles like King Cobras, Russell's Vipers, common Cobras, Rat snakes, Pit Vipers, Indian Monitors, crocodiles and more can be found here.

The reserve in Bhadra is also home to several exotic species of butterflies.

Other Activities

The forest department organizes activities for visitors like trekking, camping, rock climbing, bird watching and boating.

Visiting Bhadra can give you one of the most memorable experiences of your lifetime as Bhadra, quite apart from all its abundance of wildlife, is a beautiful place. The forest, with the tributaries of the Bhadra River cutting through it, the backwaters of the Bhadra reservoir and the Hebbegiri, Gangegiri, Mullaianagiri and the Bababudangiri hills bordering it make an enchanting natural getaway.

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How to Reach Bhadra

  • By Road
    Visiting Bhadra is easier by road from Bangalore, which is situated at a distance of about 250 km. Tourists can avail KSRTC (Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation) buses from Bangalore till Tarikere and from there private buses are available till Lakkavalli. Taxis can also be hired from Bangalore to directly reach Bhadra.
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  • By Train
    Hassan Railway Station is the nearest railhead to Bhadra, situated at a distance of about 83 km. It is well connected to major cities and nearby towns, such as Bangalore, Mysore and Mangalore, to name a few. Tourists can hire taxis or take buses from the railway station to reach Bhadra
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  • By Air
    Mangalore International Airport serves as the nearest airport for domestic as well as international tourists coming to Bhadra. Also known as the Bajpe Airport, it is situated at a distance of about 190 km from Bhadra. Flights from here connect to major Middle East countries as well as most cities of India.
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