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Bhadra Attractions - Tourist Places To Visit In Bhadra

  • 01Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary

    Tourists are 'recommended' to visit the Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary on their trip to Bhadravathi. The name of this sanctuary is derived from Bhadra River that flows in the region. Sprawling over a vast area of 490 sq km, the sanctuary is located amidst dry and moist deciduous forests of Western Ghats.

    In 1951, this area was declared as the natural reserve, also recognized as the Jagara Valley Game Reserve. It got its present name in 1974 and was declared as 25th Project Tiger later in 1998. Various species of animals including leopard, elephant, gaur, sambar, tiger, deer, muntjac and porcupine are found in this sanctuary.

    Tourists can also see numerous species of birds such as southern green imperial pigeon, emerald dove, Malabar parakeet, hill myna and great black woodpecker. Reptiles like king cobras and Indian rock pythons along with other types of butterflies like bamboo tree brown, great orange tip, tailed jay and blue pansy can also be seen here.

    Along with fauna, this sanctuary has around 120 species of plants including Combretaceae and Indigoberry (Randia Dumetorum) that covers the major area of the sanctuary. Apart from these, the sanctuary houses teak, Indian kino tree, kindal, kydia calycina, indigo, toddy palm, axlewood, jalari, jamba tree and slow match tree.

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  • 02Bhadravati Dam

    Bhadravati Dam, also known as Bhadra River Project Dam, is located in proximity of Bhadravati City. This dam has been constructed on Bhadra River and is considered as one of the most popular tourist spots of the region. The dam, which is around 194 ft high, was built by Karnataka state Chief Engineer M. Vishweshwaraiah.

    Bhadravati Dam is major source for the power generation and irrigation in the city and nearby areas. The dam overlooks small forested islands and hilly terrains of the adjoining area that create a magnificent sight for all travellers.

    The pleasant atmosphere of the dam attracts large number of tourists and makes it one of the most visited picnic spots of the region. As this dam is situated in close proximity of Lakkavalli village, it is also called as Lakkavalli Dam.

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  • 03Shiva Idol

    The Shiva Idol established near Lower Huttha is the largest deity statue in the Bhadravathi and is 'recommended' to be visited by the tourists.

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  • 04Halladama Devi Temple

    Halladama Devi Temple

    Travellers are 'recommended' to visit the Halladamma Devi Temple is strategically located in heart of Bhadravathi. It is known as the largest temple with modern infrastructure in Malnad region and is a popular tourist attraction.

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  • 05Lakshmi Narasimha Temple

    On a trip to Bhadravathi, tourists are 'recommended' to visit the Lakshmi Narasimha Temple, which was built in the 13th Century AD by the Hoysala Dynasty. It was constructed by the grandson of Vishnuvardhana named Veera Narasimha.

    Based on a Nakshtra Style platform, this temple is 3 ft high and is dedicated to the incarnation of Lord Vishnu, Lord Narasimha. Visitors can also see the idols of Lord Srikrishna, Lord Ganesha, Lord Purushottama and Goddess Sharadamba. The temple is also known as the Threekutachal Temple due to the three Gopurams built inside that can be reached by a flight of five steps.

    Outside in the compound wall, there stands the Dwajasthambam along with a stone pillar placed on a small pedestal. The exterior of the temple is engraved in Hoysala style and looks beautiful. The architecture of this temple is presently looked after by the Archaeological Department of Karnataka state.

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  • 06Mutts In Bhadra

    Travellers are recommended to visit the holy Mutts in Bhadravathi.The popular mutts situated along the banks of Bhadra River are Sunnada Halli, Gondhi, Sharada and Kundli & Shankar.

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  • 07Bhadra River

    Travellers are 'recommended' to see the magnificent Bhadra River that originates from Gangamoola near Kudremukha, Western Ghats range. The river runs towards east crossing the southern part of Deccan Plateau and meets its tributaries, the Somavahini near Thadabehalla, Hebbe and Odirayanahalla.

    There is a dam constructed across the Bhadra River in the proximity to Lakkavalli and forms the reservoir. This river then moves towards Bhadravathi and joins Tunga River at Koodli, which a town located in proximity to Shivamogga.

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  • 08Jain Basadi

    Jain Basadi

    'Recommended' to be visited by the tourists, Jain Basidi is quite popular and is situated near the NST Road in Bhadravathi.

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