Dubare - A Tryst with Elephants

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The dense forests of Dubare in Karnataka are famous for their elephant camps where visitors can have a close experience with the gentle giants. The Dubare forest reserve area is located in Coorg, on the banks of the river Kaveri. This place has traditionally been an elephant training ground. During the reign of the Mysore Maharajas, the royal elephants were trained here and these elephants were used in the grand Dussehra pageants in Mysore.

The Wildlife In Dubare – Tourist Places In Dubare

The deciduous forests of Dubare play host to a variety of wild creatures from elephants to Sambhar, to tigers, and leopards to wild dogs.

The many elephants that were previously used by the forest department for logging operations have now been turned into a unique wildlife feature for tourists. The Forest Department and Jungle Lodges and Resorts have now together started conducting elephant camps in Dubare to entertain and educate visitors about these fascinating creatures.

Visitors are made aware of the environmental impact that the disappearance of elephants can have and they can have a hands-on experience, feeding the elephants, watching how they are trained and interacting with them in various ways. The forest department organizes jungle safaris on elephants.

The hilly terrain of this forest is ideal for trekking and rafting is also a popular option here. There are many beautiful trekking trails, and one of the most popular trails is the one that leads to the Iruppa Falls.

How To Reach Dubare

Dubare is a wonderful place for a fun-filled holiday, with its many attractions and activities, and the place can be easily reached, thanks to its proximity to Kodagu or Coorg. The region can also be reached via Mysore, from Bangalore, quite easily.

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