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Bhadravati Dam, Bhadra


Bhadravati Dam, also known as Bhadra River Project Dam, is located in proximity of Bhadravati City. This dam has been constructed on Bhadra River and is considered as one of the most popular tourist spots of the region. The dam, which is around 194 ft high, was built by Karnataka state Chief Engineer M. Vishweshwaraiah.

Bhadravati Dam is major source for the power generation and irrigation in the city and nearby areas. The dam overlooks small forested islands and hilly terrains of the adjoining area that create a magnificent sight for all travellers.

The pleasant atmosphere of the dam attracts large number of tourists and makes it one of the most visited picnic spots of the region. As this dam is situated in close proximity of Lakkavalli village, it is also called as Lakkavalli Dam.