Birbhum – The Land of Red Soil

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Birbhum district shares borders with the state of Jharkhand and is known as the land of red soil. It is credited for having some religious and culturally important places within its jurisdiction and is a popular tourist attraction for its terracotta constructions spread across different towns.

Local Industry

Most of this district’s income is agricultural with 75% of its population engaged in agricultural businesses. Tourists will notice the vast farmlands on the way to Birbhum and can manage quite a few deals on fresh vegetables and wholesale grain. Tourists can also head to the various Metal and Pottery ware manufacturing cottage industries for a souvenir or two.

Tourist places in and around Birbhum

The famous Paush Mela is celebrated in the Birbhum District and frequented by many tourists. Among other attractions in the district are the religious town of Tarapith, the hot spring at Bakreshwar and the Temple town of Dubrajpur.

Wildlife in Birbhum

The Ballabhpur Wildlife Sanctuary is a place of interest for nature and animal lovers featuring Jackals, Foxes, Spotted Deer, Blackbucks and a wide variety of birds. Generally, the birds in the Birbhum district cover a large number of species ranging from common pigeons to the rarely found migratory birds like the babbler and some odd breeds of parrots.

Enjoying Sports 

One may also want to get a glimpse of the local sport, Danguli, which literally means ball and stick.

How to reach Birbhum

Transport across the district is well organized and adds to the success of Birbhum Tourism with various bus services, private cars and local rickshaw services within towns and villages.

Birbhum Weather

Post October i.e. the winter months are the favourable months for travelling to Birbhum.

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