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Located in the center of the state, the village of Kamarpukur is popularly associated as the birthplace of Ramakrishna after whom several educational bodies are named today. He was also a mentor to the famous Swami Vivekananda. To commemorate Ramakrishna’s life and time, Kamarpukur features his birth home and a small shrine and birthplace temple dedicated to him. This also serves as an ashram where people come in every year to get spiritually refreshed.

Cottage Industry

Apart from this, tourists from all over have often frequented this little Bengali village and enjoyed the truly ‘close to nature’ experience it has to offer. Kamarpukur is also known for its peculiar cottage industry products like pipes of ebony used in hukahs, sweet meat produces like jilapi and nabat and various fabric and textile based products.

Tourist Places in and around Kamarpukur

However, for tourists visiting during other times of the year one can always venture out to the various temples on the outskirts like Takeshwar or head to Fort Mandara, which speaks of the village being under Muslim rule once upon a time.

Festivals and Celebration

Kamarpukur tourism sees a surge when festivities hit in the months of March and April. The locals jubilantly celebrate and worship the Goddess Manasa during a festival dedicated to the Lord Shiva. Festivities include chanting mantras and singing songs for 72 hours straight. All of the songs are of a devotional genre and the atmosphere in the village is worth experiencing.

How to Reach Kamarpukur

As Kamarpukur is a major tourist destination, it is linked well with other major places in town by air, road and rail.

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