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Barasat is proximate to an international airport, close to the national capital Kolkata, it is a hub for Bengali culture, bustling during Durga and Kali Puja, an ideal place for a congenial Hindu Muslim community, strewn with Ashrams preaching the local values, there’s no wonder Barasat Tourism has caught the attention of Kolkata locals and tourists from all over.

Getting around & Local Culture

Barasat is easy to access and for most of the locals is considered a part of Greater Kolkata. Strangely so, with the immigration of Bangladeshis to West Bengal the locals of Barasat have actually managed to build a better cultural environment.

It is the burial place of Hazarat Ekdil Shah, a Muslim scholar that makes it a place of importance to the local Muslim community. What’s better? Hindus and Muslim alike attend the annual fair held in commemoration of Saint Hazarat Ekdil Shah

What to Eat

Barasat is strewn with local restaurants serving local Bengali cuisine, which must not be missed. The city has a couple of good hotels, however, making Kolkata a base to visit Barasat is not a bad idea. It takes just while to get to Barasat by road from Kolkata.

Where to Stay

For western tourists, you might want to try visiting a small cotton weaving cottage industry, which is one of the major producer of the Barasat Township. The government maintains a guesthouse at Barasat that is accessible to government employees and some civilians with a prior booking.

How to reach Barasat

Barasat is a famous destination is well-connected to other cities through road, rail and air.

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