Bakkhali – The Beautiful Seaside

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Bakkhali is situated in the South 24 Parganas district of West Bengal. It is an ideal getaway from city life, a place to wedge out and enjoy the weather and the views it offers.

The Beach And The Twin Town

Bakkhali Island has 7 km of the beachhead between the two towns of Bakkhali and Frasergunj. These are both twin towns. The beach is a hard beach and ideal for sports, cycling and running. The island is close to the state’s capital, Kolkata, and it does not take long to get there.

Getting Around

The beauty of Bakkhali lies in its seclusion. Public transport on the island is fairly limited; however, one may choose to hire a van rickshaw. The van rickshaw can take you to one of many tourist places like Henry Island or the Watch Tower. At Henry Island, one can enjoy the scenic beauty at its best with kankru, palm, sundari and other trees. Mangroves also dominate many coastal areas of the island.

Jambhu Dwip Trip

Bakkhali tourism has a lot to owe to the boat ride on country boats called bhutbhutis, which take tourists to Jambhu Dwip, a nearby island. The sight seeing is done from the boat itself since tourists are not allowed on the island, but it is completely worth it.

How To Reach Bakkhali

Bakkhali is well connected by road, rail and air.

Bakkhali Weather

The weather of Bakkhali is humid.

Best Time To Visit Bakkhali

The best time to visit Bakkhali is during the winters.

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