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Kharagpur – The Railway Town


Known for its long railway platform, the third longest in the country, Kharagpur for ages has been a premier education centre in India and houses the famous Indian Institute of Technology’s Kharagpur campus. Kharagpur, for long, has been known as India’s largest railway settlement with over 13,000 employees inhabiting here.

Tourist Places In And Around Kharagpur

The huge Kharagpur Lake in the city has been a popular place of tourist interest for years and the city’s youth liven up the place even more. Kharagpur, owing to its educational influence has always potrayed itself as a city, full of zest, vigour and enthusiasm.

Kharagpur is one of those places in India that is known for it’s Hindu-Muslim unity. Both the communities have lived together here for ages. The Kali Temple and the Shahi Masjid, both of which are popular religious tourist destinations bear a proof to this fact.

Food And Festivals

By popular demand, with students at the epicentre in no small part, Kharagpur is known for serving some of the best foods in the region. The city is strewn with road side joints and restaurants that serve delicious Bengali food and other cuisines. If you are in the mood to experiement, head over to the Kharagpur lake and try some of the roadside chaat there.

Bengalis are famous for their delicious sea food and sweets. Topping the list of sweets, one must not miss the famous Sandesh and Ras Malai.

Mall Culture And Entertainment

Leisure Multiplex and Mall not only houses some world famous brands but also screens Hollywood and Bollywood movies. For some cheap, unique shopping, tourists can head over to Puratan, Gole or Gate bazaars.

From an educational town to a city that offers true tourist value, Kharagpur tourism seems to have done a good job. Being within driving distance of Kolkata and some cities in neighbouring states, Kharagpur is easily accessibile. Students here are well taken care of and there is a diverse mix of locals.

It is undoubtedly a good option for a weekend getaway from Kolkata.

How To Reach Kharagpur

Kharagpur is the second busiest station in South Eastern Railway Zone after Howrah. It thus possesses a good network of railways. Even by roadways, Kharagpur is well connected. Buses to various places and West Bengal are available from Kharagpur.

Best Time To Visit Kharagpur

Winters are the exact time when one should visit Kharagpur.

Kharagpur is Famous for

Kharagpur Weather

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How to Reach Kharagpur

  • By Road
    National Highway 6 connects Kharagpur to the state capital Kolkata and is approximately 131 kilometers from it. Kharagpur is a 2 hour drive from Kolkata.
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  • By Train
    Kharagpur Railway station with the third longest platform in the country is one one of the major lines in the country and connects to Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata directly.
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  • By Air
    Kharagpur is served by Kolkata’s Netaji Subhashchandra International airport with connections to the rest of the country and the world.
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