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Hooghly also known as Hugli or Hooghly-Chuchura is one of the few places in India that features remnant culture based influences of several civilizations like Portuguese, Dutch and British. After the Mughal empire signs of which can still be seen at Hooghly, the British Raj started spreading its roots in India at places like Kolkata, Haldia and Hooghly.

Hooghly by River

Hooghly today is a prosperous river port and is just a few kilometers from Kolkata the state capital. North 24 Praganas is accessible from Hughli using the river ferry service. In fact, Hooghly is situated wholly on the banks of the river Bhagirathi. Hooghly is also known as just River Hooghly.

Tourist places in and around Hooghly

Over the years Hooghly has become an extended suburb of Kolkata. It serves as a good one day trip to make especially if one is visiting Kolkata. Most of the important tourist destinations in Kolkata are well within driving distance of Hooghly. A few of the local destinations to mention are the Bandel Church and the Hooghly Imambara.

Modernization of Hooghly

The locals of Hooghly are very modernized, metropolitan in their ways. The Chinsurah N.S. Road is the place to head to where one can find all the latest brands in fashion, technilogy and restaurants to spoil your appetite silly. One cannot miss the local Bengali cuisine served at Hooghly especially the delicious seafood.

Festivals in Hooghly

The people in Hooghly celebrate festivals with much pomp and excitement. The major festivals ceebrated here are Durga Puja, Kali Puja, Dussera and Diwali. The city is decked up during these festivals and the colours are awe inspiring.

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