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Originally part of the Kalinga Empire, Midnapore is a place famous for having produced some formidable freedom fighters during the British Raj in India. Today, this town located in the banks of the river Kangsabati is a bustling tourist destination because of its proximity to the state capital Kolkata.

The Mystery of the Name

An interesting thing to note about the name of the town is that Hindus and Muslim claim their own versions of the story.

The Hindus believe it was named after the local deity Medinimata while the Muslims believe it was named after their place of pilgrimage, Medina owing to the large number of mosques and a considerably large Muslim population back in the day.

Tourist Places in and around Midnapore

Midnapore Tourism has much to owe to its historical attractions like the Chapleshwar Temple of Shiva, the Jagannath Temple and a whole lot of mosques and dargahs. Followers of the goddess Kali frequent the Battala temple.

Durga Puja, Saraswati Puja and Kali Puja are the times to visit Midnapore, as is the case for many other West Bengal towns. This is when the town gets painted many different hues with pandals and shamyanas erected for worship and festivities.

Education in Midnapore

Apart from the tourist attractions, Midnapore is home to some important schools and universities, which are attended even by student s from the bigger cities in the state. The locals enjoy their morning and evening walks which is why many parks have been built and maintained well in the township.

How to reach Midnapur

Midnapur is well-connected to other main destinations by air, road and rail.

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