Chalsa – A Beautiful Hamlet Nestled Amidst The Himalayas

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Chalsa is a beautiful town in West Bengal situated just at the foot of the Himalayan Ranges. It is proximate to popular tourist destinations like Siliguri and boasts of tea gardens, vast forests and many scenic rivers. The local wildlife reserves have Rhinos and Elephants within and tourists can venture out into the forest on a guided tour through one of the villagers. The forests at Doars feature a wide variety of deer like the sambar, spotted and barking deer.

Tourist Places In And Around Chalsa

If you’re lucky, one just might manage to get a glimpse of the endangered Bengal tiger at the Buxa Tiger Reserve, which is spread over approximately 750 sq km. The Buxa Tiger Reserve is the place to be for nature lovers and avid trekkers and is a jewel in the crown of Chalsa tourism.

Apart from the Bengal Tiger, the Buxa reserve also features Leopards, and various kinds of squirrels and birds.

How To Reach Chalsa

Getting to Chalsa is rather simple; it is best if one makes Siliguri their travel base, which is around 64 kilometers from Chalsa. A wholesome travel experience at Chalsa should not take more than 3 days.

Best Time To Visit Chalsa

The best time to visit Chalsa is right after the winters.

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