Murti – A Tryst With The Wild

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Murti derives its name from the River Murti flowing down the Kalingpong hills. Murti is the kind of place where one can hire a bungalow right in the middle of all the wildlife and lush greenery. Murti Tourism is being promoted by the West Bengal Forest Development Corporation and they are building newer accommodation continuously making it much more accessible and a better tourist spot.

Tourist Places In And Around Murti

The Gorumara National Park and the Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary are very proximate and are definitely worth a visit. Elephant rides are easy to come by and one can venture into the forest for a hike, which is just a few minutes away from the bungalows. Panjhora river which is a few kilometres from Murti is also a picnic spot worth visiting, especially in the winters.

How To Reach Murti

Murti is proximate to the towns of Lataguri and Chalsa. Darjeeling and Siliguri are also rather proximate and cars to these cities can be hired. One must note that travel to Murti is on the rise especially by visitors to neighbouring cities like Darjeeling, Siliguri and Murti. The forest department is trying their level best to cope with accommodation needs but they still often get overbooked.

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