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Gaya - A Festoon Of Pilgrimage


It is a popularly known fact that the founder of Buddhism, Lord Buddha attained enlightenment in Gaya, Bihar and hence, the city forms one of the most admired Buddhist destinations. Earlier the city was a part of Magadh and is located 100 km south of Patna. It is a place sanctified by all the religions.

It is surrounded by small rock-strewn hills, namely Mangala-Gauri, Shringa-Sthan, Ram-Shila and Brahmayoni, by three sides and the river flowing on the western side called Phalgu. Gaya city is bounded by Jehanabad district in the north, in the south by Chatra district of Jharkhand, in the east by Nawada district and in the west by Aurangabad district.

Tourist Places In And Around Gaya

Gaya tourism offers you beautiful religious destinations that could make anybody spellbound. The place has serenity and peace which is definitely a desired break everyone looks forward to. Mahabodhi Temple is the heart and soul of Gaya tourism. Monks from all over the world turn up to the place and can be spotted sitting at the foot of an enormous carved Buddhist statute.

Gaya tourism is famous for hills, like Yoni, Ramshila and Pretishila; the caves of Deo Barabar and Pawapuri are also worth mentioning. The ghats and temples are lined on the banks of the sacred river Phalgu. All the destinations are worth visiting for spiritual enrichment. Gaya tourism is embellished by religious and architectural marvels, such as Jama Masjid, Manga Gauri Mandir and Vishnupad Temple.

Other scintillating assets of Gaya tourism include its cuisine, which consists of sumptuous traditional Bihari food items like litti chokha, litti, pittha, pua, marua ka roti and sattu ka roti. The place is also well known for sweets like tilkut and kesaria peda. The festivals of Gaya are Gaya Pitrapaksha Mela, which is associated with the belief that Buddha had done the first pind daan here, and festival of Buddha Jayanti that always falls on the full moon night of Vaisakha.

The main shopping centre in Gaya is G.B. Road with Swadeshi Vastralaya, Kalamandir and Plaza and Ganny Markets as the preferred shopping hubs.

Best Time To Visit Gaya

The best season to visit Gaya is from October to March. The months of October to March are pleasant and suitable for visiting the attractions in the holy town. The months of June to September are good for short trips and temple visits.

How To Reach Gaya

Those who wish to reach Gaya can make use of all the mediums like roadways, railways and airways.

Gaya Weather

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How to Reach Gaya

  • By Road
    The Grand Trunk Road (NH-2, which is undergoing a massive revival under The Golden Quadrilateral project) is about 30 km. from Gaya city. Thus, Gaya is well connected to Kolkata, Varanasi, Allahabad, Kanpur, Delhi as well as Amritsar.
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  • By Train
    Gaya junction is connected to the three metropolises New Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai through Important Broad Gauge Routes. There is a direct non-stop train, the Mahabodhi Express from New Delhi to Gaya daily. There are direct trains from Gaya to many important stations in India.
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  • By Air
    If one wish to fly to Gaya, then Gaya is the only city with an international airport in Bihar and Jharkhand taken together. The small airport is connected to Colombo and Bangkok and all major cities in India.
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