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Chatra is otherwise known as the gateway of Jharkhand. It is the district headquarters of the Chatra district in Jharkhand. This is a place away from the buzz of the city, providing ample scope for photography through the jungles and other scenic locations like waterfalls and fountains.

Tourist Places In And Around Chatra

Chatra is a place full of scenic views of waterfalls and forests. Some of the waterfalls in Chatra include Bichikiliya, Duari, Khaya Banaroo, Keridah, Maloodah, Dumer Sumer, Goa, Barura Sharif and Gogri.

Some other attractions in the place are Bhaduli, Khaya Banaroo, Maloodah waterfall, Barua Sharif, Tamasin and Kolhua Hill among the rest. The place is abundant in medicinal plants and other wood varieties like teak, bamboo, timber, etc. You can also find a lot of wildlife species in the forests of Chatra. You can also visit Balbal Duari, which has a hot-water spring.

People And Culture Of Chatra

Chatra has a glorious history. The natives here are mostly tribals who would make you feel at home once you are in Chatra. The languages widely spoken in this area are Magahi, Nagpuri and Khortha.

How To Reach Chatra

Chatra is well connected to the other major destinations in Jharkhand.

Weather Condition In Chatra

The place ideally has a tropical wet and dry climate throughout the year. The best time to visit the place is during the winter season.

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