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  • 01Nohkalikai Falls

    Nohkalikai Falls near Cherrapunji is the tallest plunge waterfall in India. Cherrapunji is known for the heavy rainfall it witnesses every year, and this waterfall is primarily fed on this rain. Hence, it dries up to a considerable amount during the dry season, which happens to be between December and February. Right below the falls, there has formed a plunge pool with beautiful bluish-green coloured water.

    Nohkalikai gets its name from a local legend of a girl named Ka Likai who had leaped off the cliff next to this waterfall. Previously, one could only view the Nohkalikai from a distant viewpoint across the falls, but recently, steps have been constructed which will take you right to the bottom of the falls.

    It is advisable for people with spondylitis, asthma, etc. not to descend, as climbing back up hundreds of stairs could be a rigid task. There are also various food joints and restaurants around the area where one could get several types of food that range from the local Khasi delicacies to North and South Indian dishes and even Chinese noodles. There are also small shops where one can purchase handmade local products of the region.

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  • 02Mawsmai Cave

    Mawsmai Cave

    Mawsmai Cave in Cherrapunji is one of the most accessible caves for most common travellers, because of its simplicity which allow visitors to travel through it without any special preparation or assistance from any guide, etc.

    The 150 m cave is almost entirely lit from inside which makes it even easier for one to find the way. The cave has a large entrance, but the passage gets really small very soon. With lots of bends and turns, it can be quite an adventurous experience, but also could get a little suffocating if stuck with a large group of people.

    The inside of the cave is home to various species of flora and fauna and forms an excellent home for bats and insects. The beautiful formation of the rocks merely formed from dripping water is truly another wonder of nature. Booking a tourist cab or bus from Shillong would be the most feasible way to reach the Mawsmai Cave.

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  • 03Mawsmai Falls

    Mawsmai Falls is one of the spectacular waterfalls of Meghalaya. It is very close to the Mawsmai village, and is on the way to Cherrapunji. Mawsmai Falls, locally known as Nohsngithiang Falls is mostly popular for being the fourth highest waterfall in India, plunging down a height of 315 m.

    This fall is also popularly known as the "Seven Sister Falls" because of the way it divides itself into seven smaller waterfalls as it runs down the treacherous limestone cliffs. On a bright and sunny day, the waterfall is a treat to the eye as it reflects the sun's rays and gives out vibrant colours in all directions.

    Nevertheless, even on a cloudy day, you can actually see small patches of cloud move below your feet and around the waterfalls, which in itself is another wonder. The best way to reach this destination is by booking a tourist cab or bus from Shillong.

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  • 04Thangkharang Park

    Thangkharang Park

    Thangkharang Park is a beautiful park and a more popular viewpoint. There are various species of plants and trees that can be seen in the park and in the greenhouse within the area of the park. This particular park has also been designed keeping in mind the needs of children who care lesser about nature and more about having the time of their lives on a swing or a see-saw or even a slide.

    There are stunted trees and benches around the park to provide resting spots to visitors. There is also a beautiful little fountain built inside the premises of the park. Apart from being a lovely spot to picnic, Thangkharang Park gains its maximum popularity for being a perfect panoramic viewpoint for the nearby Bangladesh plain, and also the Kynrem falls which tumbles down in three steps in the hills.

    The best way to reach Thangkharang Park is by booking a tourist vehicle from Shillong.

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  • 05Kynrem Falls

    Kynrem Falls

    Kynrem Falls is the 7th highest waterfall of India, and it flows in three steps down the hills of Sohra (Cherrapunji). With a few other smaller waterfalls flowing parallel to it, the Kynrem truly is a spectacular sight during the monsoons.

    The best place to view this magnificent waterfall is from inside the Thangkharang Park, but one can also get a bottom view of the falls from the road that connects Cherrapunji to Bangladesh.

    Cherrapunji is popular for the heavy monsoon it receives every year, and hence most of the waterfalls found here are fed on the rain water. Therefore, the best time to visit the Kynrem Falls is during the heavy monsoon season, because it dries to a trickle during the winter season.

    The best way to reach Thangkharang Park or the Kynrem itself is by booking the tourist cab or bus service that is provided by the Meghalaya Tourism Department from Shillong.

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  • 06Nongsawlia


    Nongsawlia is an extremely popular tourist destination near Sohra (Cherrapunji). This place is crowded with tourists from all around the globe throughout the year. It is mostly known for having the first church of northeast India, which was set up by the Welsh Missionaries in 1848. The beautiful architecture of the British age in India can clearly be seen in the form of this church.

    This is also the same place where a missionary by the name of Thomas Jones introduced the Khasi alphabets, which later spread to other parts of the Khasi and Jaintia Hills, and helped in enhancing the Khasi literature.

    For people who want to stay here for a day or two, there are several beautiful hotels and resorts such as Cherrapunji Holiday Resort, Coniferous Resort, and Sa-I-Mika Park in the neighbouring area. Nongsawlia is at a distance of 2 km from Cherrapunji, and can be reached by booking a taxi from Cherrapunji or from Shillong.

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  • 07Eco Park

    Eco Park

    Eco Park is one of the couple of beautiful parks that can be visited around Cherrapunji. It was designed by the Meghalaya government on one of the high plateaus, to make possible for the tourists to enjoy the beautiful green hills and valleys of Sohra and also the waterfalls that originate from it.

    One can also see various different kinds of orchids in this park and the credit for this goes to the Shillong Agri-Horticultural society. The natural beauty from the edge of the Eco Park is truly startling. This place also forms a brilliant viewpoint for the nearby Sylhet plains of Bangladesh.

    Though, if the day is really cloudy, there might just not be enough visibility to enjoy what the park has to offer to its fullest. The best way to reach Eco Park is by booking a cab or bus that is provided by the Meghalaya Tourism Department from Shillong.

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  • 08Green Rock Ranch

    Green Rock Ranch

    The Green Rock Ranch is one of the latest additions to the list of attractions in Cherrapunji. It is an interesting conglomeration of a horse riding enclosure, a traditional archery range and acres of green pasture land that the place is blessed with. This property belonged to the ‘Shadwells’ who were one of the early English settlers in Cherrapunji and lived here for quite a few generations.

    Over the years they had built this property which offers a glimpse into the past. There is also a family grave which serves as an attraction. Today the property has a coffee shop, a lounge built amidst old ruins, a grove and a nature trail.

    A view point has also been constructed that offers an endless panorama of the blue mountains and the deep gorges that surround this place. Tourists can easily book a cab from Shillong to this place which also serves as a great picnic destination.

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  • 09Khoh Ramhah

    Khoh Ramhah

    Khoh Ramhah, popularly known as "Pillar Rock" or "Mohtrop", is a popular tourist attraction in Cherrapunji. It is the very size and shape of the rock which happens to be like a giant cone that makes it so fascinating. According to legends, Khoh Ramhah is a fossilised cone-shaped basket of an evil spirit.

    However, it's not all that this place has to offer. The view of the stream flowing through the rocks and forming into a spectacular waterfall, and along with that the view of the nearby Bangladesh plain truly makes it a magnificent sight.

    The beauty of this place is even amplified with the ascending clouds from the plains moving through the rocks. This would all be from the viewpoint next to the rock, but one can also view the other sides of the rock while travelling through the nearby roads of Cherrapunji. The best way to reach Khoh Ramhah is by booking a tourist vehicle from Shillong.

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  • 10Sa-I-Mika Park

    Sa-I-Mika Park

    Sa-I-Mika Park happens to be quite an amazing park of Cherrapunji, which provides both entertainment and educational amusement for visitors. There are several sports and games arena such as volleyball court, basketball court, skating ring, badminton court, and also a playground with slides and swings for children.

    There is also a children's swimming pool for one to cool off during the hot days of summer. There is also lodging facility within the park which has been built to look like the traditional Khasi huts. Picnic Huts can also be found around the park for people who would like to cook themselves and enjoy with their friends and family.

    There is also a conference hall for people who look to have calm and peaceful meetings away from the hustle and bustle of the city. One can easily reach Sa-I-Mika by booking a bus or cab from Shillong and enjoy a breathtaking journey through the green hills.

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  • 11Mawmluh Cave

    Mawmluh Cave

    Mawmluh Cave, popularly known as the Krem Mawmluh is the 4th longest cave of the Indian sub-continent. It has a fantabulous length of 4,503 m and is one of the leading tourist attractions of the region. There are multiple entries to this cave, some of which can be quite dangerous too. So, the best entrance to be taken is at a higher level (10 ft above ground level) and at the western edge of Lum Lawbah.

    Inside the cave, there is a beautiful pool, which has been formed as a result of five rivers finding their ways into the cave. It is extremely important to be noted that the Mawmluh Cave, unlike the Mawsmai Cave, is much more dangerous (and definitely adventurous) and hence requires special precautions and preparations before entering. The best and most feasible way to reach the Mawmluh Cave is by taking a tourist cab from Shillong.

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  • 12Dain-Thlen Falls

    Dain-Thlen Falls

    Dain-Thlen Falls is another magnificent waterfall near Cherrapunji. It got its name from a "Thlen" or a giant snake (python) that dwelt in the caves in the area. According to legends, it is believed that the village people got hold of the snake and managed to destroy it in order to end its reign of terror. Its flesh was later feasted upon.

    Next to where the snake was slaughtered lays the Dain-Thlen falls. It is this legend which further increases the popularity of the falls. Tourists from across the world visit here to see this beautiful waterfall and the nearby natural rock carvings which depict the battle with the Thlen, that stands as a symbol of corruption, greed and evil.

    Dain-Thlen is on the way to Cherrapunji at a distance of about 5 km, and the best way to reach here would be to hire a tourist bus or cab from Shillong.

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