Thangkharang Park, Cherrapunji

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Thangkharang Park is a beautiful park and a more popular viewpoint. There are various species of plants and trees that can be seen in the park and in the greenhouse within the area of the park. This particular park has also been designed keeping in mind the needs of children who care lesser about nature and more about having the time of their lives on a swing or a see-saw or even a slide. There are stunted trees and benches around the park to provide resting spots to visitors. There is also a beautiful little fountain built inside the premises of the park.

Apart from being a lovely spot to picnic, Thangkharang Park gains its maximum popularity for being a perfect panoramic viewpoint for the nearby Bangladesh plain, and also the Kynrem falls which tumbles down in three steps in the hills.

The best way to reach Thangkharang Park is by booking a tourist vehicle from Shillong.

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