Nongsawlia, Cherrapunji

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Nongsawlia is an extremely popular tourist destination near Sohra (Cherrapunji). This place is crowded with tourists from all around the globe throughout the year. It is mostly known for having the first church of northeast India, which was set up by the Welsh Missionaries in 1848. The beautiful architecture of the British age in India can clearly be seen in the form of this church.

This is also the same place where a missionary by the name of Thomas Jones introduced the Khasi alphabets, which later spread to other parts of the Khasi and Jaintia Hills, and helped in enhancing the Khasi literature.

For people who want to stay here for a day or two, there are several beautiful hotels and resorts such as Cherrapunji Holiday Resort, Coniferous Resort, and Sa-I-Mika Park in the neighbouring area. Nongsawlia is at a distance two kilometres from Cherrapunji, and can be reached by booking a taxi from Cherrapunji or from Shillong.

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