Mawsmai Falls, Cherrapunji

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Mawsmai Falls is one of the spectacular waterfalls of Meghalaya. It is very close to the Mawsmai village, and is on the way to Cherrapunji. Mawsmai Falls, locally known as Nohsngithiang Falls is mostly popular for being the fourth highest waterfalls in India, plunging down a height of 315 metres. This falls is also popularly known as the "Seven Sister Falls" because of the way is divides itself into seven smaller waterfalls as it runs down the treacherous limestone cliffs.

On a bright and sunny day, the waterfalls is a treat to the eye as it reflects the sun's rays and gives out vibrant colours in all directions. Nevertheless, even on a cloudy day, you can actually see small patches of cloud move below your feet and around the waterfalls, which in itself is another wonder. The best way to reach this destination is by booking a tourist cab or bus from Shillong.

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