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Jowai is one of the growing industrial towns of Meghalaya. It is the district headquarters of the Jaintia Hills district and is largely populated by the Pnar tribe. Jowai is a picturesque town with the Myntdu River surrounding it on three sides and Bangladesh bordering it on the southern fringes.

Placed on a plateau, Jowai is situated 1380 meters above sea level. Its high altitude makes the climate pleasant and cool. The Jaintia Hills is mineral rich and there are several coal mines around Jowai. Thus the economy of the place thrives of coal mining.

Tourist places in and around Jowai

Jowai tourism consists of a visit to the Behdeimkhlam festival that is held in the second week of July. The Behdeimkhlam festival is a ritualistic expression of the Pnars tribal community. There are several other attractions that make Jowai tourism interesting such as the man-made Thadlaskein Lake, Ialong Park and the Jowai Presbyterian Church.

How to Reach Jowai

Jowai is 65 kilometres from Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya. To reach Jowai, tourists can either book a tourist vehicle or board an inter-state bus that runs from the capital at frequent intervals. For travellers seeking air connectivity, there are direct flights from Kolkata to Umroi. However, the better option is to take a flight to the Guwahati airport.

Best time to visit Jowai

The winter months and the summer months are ideal time to visit Jowai.

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