East Garo Hills – Undisturbed By The Spoils Of Mankind

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East Garo Hills is one of the 11 districts of Meghalaya. It was made into a full-fledged district, four years after the state of Meghalaya was formed. The East Garo Hills works from the district administrative headquarters of Williamnagar.

Williamnagar is a neatly planned township, named after the first Chief Minister of Meghalaya Captain Williamson Sangma. Since Williamnagar is a planned city, it has all the basic amenities and is one of the growing city centres in the state.

East Garo Hills covers an area of 2603 square kilometres and is bound by the South Garo Hills on the South, East Khasi Hills on the East, West Garo Hills on the West and parts of Assam in the North. The East Garo Hills is largely populated by the Garo tribe, the second largest tribe after the Khasis in Meghalaya. Large number of Hajongs, Rabhas, Koches, Banais, Dalus and Boros also reside in this district.

East Garo Hills is rich in flora and fauna. East Garo Hills tourism is still unexplored, but when potentially developed, it can become a major source of revenue for the state. East Garo Hills tourism is however more than just a scenic beauty. History and culture are an integral part of the district’s tourism opportunities.

How To Reach East Garo Hills

Williamnagar is 75 kilometres from Tura, the largest town in the Garo Hills. It takes about 1 hour 30 minutes to travel from Williamnagar to Tura. Tourists can either travel on the state-run buses on this route or book a cab.

East Garo Hills - Weather

Summers in East Garo Hills district are warm, while the winters here are cold. The monsoons bring in heavy rainfall to this part of the country. The best time to visit the East Garo Hills is during the winters and early summers when the climate is very temperate.

Best Time To Visit East Garo Hills

The best season to visit the pristine locations of East Garo Hills is the winters.

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