Kynrem Falls, Cherrapunji

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Kynrem Falls is the 7th highest waterfall of India, and it flows in three steps down the hills of Sohra (Cherrapunji). With a few other smaller waterfalls flowing parallel to it, the Kynrem truly is a spectacular sight during the monsoons. The best place to view this magnificent waterfall is from inside the Thangkharang Park, but one can also get a bottom view of the falls from the road that connects Cherrapunji to Bangladesh.

Cherrapunji is popular for the heavy monsoon it receives every year, and hence most of the waterfalls found here are fed on the rain water. Therefore, the best time to visit the Kynrem Falls is during the heavy monsoon season, because it dries to a trickle during the winter season.

The best way to reach Thangkharang Park or the Kynrem itself is by booking the tourist cab or bus service that is provided by the Meghalaya tourism department from Shillong.

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