Dain-Thlen Falls, Cherrapunji

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Dain-Thlen Falls is another magnificent waterfalls near Cherrapunji. It got its name from a "Thlen" or a giant snake (python) that dwelt in the caves in the area. According to legends, it is believed that the village people got hold of the snake and managed to destroy it in order to end its reign of terror. Its flesh was later feasted upon. Next to where the snake was slaughtered lays the Dain-Thlen falls. It is this legend which further increases the popularity of this falls.

Tourists from across the world visit here to see this beautiful waterfalls and the nearby natural rock carvings which depict the battle with the Thlen, that stands as a symbol of corruption, greed and evil.

Dain-Thlen is on the way to Cherrapunji at a distance of about five kilometres, and the best way to reach here would be to hire a tourist bus or cab from Shillong.

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