Mawmluh Cave, Cherrapunji

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Mawmluh Cave, or popularly known as the Krem Mawmluh is the 4th longest cave of the Indian sub-continent. It has a fantabulous length of 4,503 metres and is one of the leading tourist attractions of the region.

There are multiple entries to this cave, some of which can be quite dangerous too. So, the best entrance to be taken is at a higher level (10 feet above ground level) and at the western edge of Lum Lawbah. Inside the cave, there is a beautiful pool, which has been formed as a result of five rivers finding their ways into the cave. It is extremely important to be noted that the Mawmluh Cave, unlike the Mawsmai Cave, is much more dangerous (and definitely adventurous) and hence requires special precautions and preparations before entering.

The best and most feasible way to reach the Mawmluh Cave is by taking a tourist cab from Shillong.

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