Khoh Ramhah, Cherrapunji

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Khoh Ramhah, popularly known as "Pillar Rock" or "Mohtrop", is a popular tourist attraction in Cherrapunji. It is the very size and shape of the rock which happens to be like a giant cone that makes it so fascinating.

According to legends, Khoh Ramhah is a fossilised cone-shaped basket of an evil spirit. However, it's not all that this place has to offer. The view of the stream flowing through the rocks and forming into a spectacular waterfall, and along with that the view of the nearby Bangladesh plain truly makes it a magnificent sight. The beauty of this place is even amplified with the ascending clouds from the plains moving through the rocks.

This would all be from the viewpoint next to the rock, but one can also view the other sides of the rock while travelling through the nearby roads of Cherrapunji.

The best way to reach Khoh Ramhah is by booking a tourist vehicle from Shillong.

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