Green Rock Ranch, Cherrapunji

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The Green Rock Ranch is one of latest additions to the list of attractions in Cherrapunji. It is an interesting conglomeration of a horse riding enclosure, a traditional archery range and acres of green pasture land that the place is blessed with. This property belonged to the ‘Shadwells’ who were one of the early English settlers in Cherrapunji and lived here for quite a few generations. Over the years they had built this property which offers a glimpse into the past. There is also a family grave which serves as an attraction.

Today the property has a coffee shop, a lounge built amidst old ruins, a grove and a nature trail. A view point has also been constructed that offers an endless panorama of the blue mountains and the deep gorges that surround this place.

Tourists can easily book a cab from Shillong to this place which also serves as a great picnic destination.

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