Ukhrul – Land Of The Exotic Shirui Lilies

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If greenery is something that has always attracted you, Ukhrul is the town you must visit. Ukhrul is enchanting, beautiful and mesmerising. Far away from the maddening crowd, the cacophony of cars, the towering, congested buildings is this small, tucked away, almost heaven-like town.

Exotic Lilies

The Siroy lily, (also spelled Shirui) is an exotic variety of a flower that can only be found in the Ukhrul district. Frank Kingdon-Ward, an English botanist was the first person to find out its distinctive quality. He named it Lilium mackliniae, after his wife. The locals call the Siroy lily Kashongwon and it is mostly found in the Shirui Kashung or Shiroi Peak.

Tourist Places In And Around Ukhrul

Ukhrul is peppered by numerous tourist attractions making Ukhrul tourism really an experience. Popular parks, peaks and waterfalls dot in and around the place. Duncan Park and El Shaddai Park make ideal picnic spots for tourists. Khayang Waterfalls and Ango Ching and a forest area are still to be traced out by tourists and avid travellers.

Lunghar Sihai Phangrei, a flat hilly place, and Kachouphung Lake are ideal attractions for a leisure stroll.

Waterfalls, caves, peaks dot the topography of Ukhrul all of which truly help it to live up to its other name, the Green Town.

Shirui Kashong Peak, Khayang Peak and Nillai Tea Estate are verdant green covers. Shirui Kashong Peak is shrouded by a host of lilies, during May and June.

Khangkhui Mangsor Cave simply interests those who have an eye for archaeology.

The Natives Of Ukhrul

Home to the Tangkhul Naga tribes who are known for their art of warfare, Ukhrul is a rich cultural destination. Ukhrul festivals are worth a watch if one happens to be there during the time. The district is all hills and mountains and the greenery is something that can be seen as far as the eyes can see.

The Tangkhuls are specifically known for their elaborate costume. The women wear the kashan while the men wear a shawl called howrah. It is quite a common sight to see the Tangkhuls dressed in their traditional attire on the streets, quite to the surprise of the tourists.

A noteworthy thing about Ukhrul is that more than 90% of its population is literate. In fact, the first tribal professor from the Northeast to join the prestigious Delhi University, Prof. Horam, was from Ukhrul.

How To Reach Ukhrul

Ukhrul is accessible by all modes of transport, by road, rail and air.

Best Time To Visit Ukhrul

The ideal time to visit Ukhrul is during summers.

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