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The people of Ukhrul still survive on agriculture and hence most of their festivities are about harvesting, sowing etc. Some of the popular festivals celebrated primarily by the Tangkhuls (the dominant tribe in Ukhrul) are:

Chumpha : Celebrated post-harvest during the months of November and December, Chumpha is more of a thanksgiving festival. It is also called the Feast of Mother. The women carry out most of the rituals while the men stay out all night.

Luira : Marking the sowing season, the Luira is celebrated during the months of January and March. Festivity during Luira is marked by lavish feasts, drinks and dances.

Longa Khamang : Yet another harvesting festivals offering thanks to the gods. However, Longa Khamang is dedicated to children and is more of a family gathering.

Thisham : A festival marked for the dead, Thisham is celebrated in January. Among the rituals performed during the festivals is the dance for the dead.


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