Khayang Peak, Ukhrul

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The Khayang Peak is the highest peak of Ukhrul district. It lies at an altitude of 3114 metres above sea level. The peak truly gives a complete kaleidoscopic view of the entire region- the flowing hills, the winding streams, undulating valleys and the colourful hamlets. The view from the Khayang Peak is magical in simple words.

Trekking up the hill to reach the peak is a favourite activity of many locals as well as tourists. While trekking up the hill, one will witness beautiful scenery all around that is bound to mesmerise one and all. However, the Khayang peak is not very popular mainly because the adjoining Shirui Kashung Peak is more easily accessible and more popular.

Travelling to Khayang Peak from Ukhrul town is not difficult. Private vehicles can be hired or else if anyone is interested in trekking, they can also walk up the hills.


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