El Shadai park, Ukhrul

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Though abundant open spaces are one of the reasons tourists visit Ukhrul, the numerous parks add to the attraction in many ways. The El Shadai Park situated right at the heart of the Ukhrul town is one such park popular among the tourists and locals alike.

Being right at the centre of the town, it is always filled with people. Children can be seen playing in the open grounds while the adults enjoy a walk around the park. The park is well connected to the other parts of the town and buses, private cabs as well as auto rickshaws are available to reach the place.

The park is embedded with beautiful flowers that sprinkle the area with colours. Walking on the shades of the blooming trees relaxes not just a tired body but also lifts the spirits. The El Shadai Park is an ideal place to spend a well-spent day of touring the outskirts of Ukhrul.


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