Kachouphung Lake, Ukhrul

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Situated on the slopes of the Achuwa Magi Hills, Kachouphung Lake is a natural lake close to Ukhrul. It is 7 kilometres from Khayang Falls. The lake is spread over 9 acres and is roughly shaped forming the Indian map. The size of the lake usually increases during the rainy season, and if the water from the nearby Nily River is added, the size will further increase.

The Kachouphung Lake is bound by several hillocks on all side heightening the beauty of the place. The lake has tremendous potential to attract tourists. Many colourful fish live on the lake thus increasing the scope for pisciculture too.

The lake is also called Azoa Jenephiu Magi Lake of Ukhrul. The Kachouphung Lake is an ideal location to spend a day amidst fresh water and beautiful hillocks all around. Climbing the small knolls can be quite an exciting exercise too.


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