Ango Ching, Ukhrul

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A virgin forest cover yet unknown too many, Ango Ching is a place to reckon. Covering a forest area of 150 sq. kms, Ango Ching lies on the Myanmar border in the east while on the west the Sanalok (Chamu) River flows, the Kachouphung lies in the north and Chatric is in the south.

The way to the forest cover is mostly inaccessible as it passes through difficult terrain. Since it is yet unexplored, the natural beauty of the place is more or less intact. It is a heaven of flora and fauna. Elephants, Sambar, tigers barking deer, deers, wild bison, black bear, hook lock, leopard, horn bills, wild cat, peacock Tragopan are some of the animals found in the Ango Ching forest.

It is also a bio-diversity hub and needs adequate conservation. The government needs to step up its conversation plans to sustain such a heavenly place.


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