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Thirunallar - Village Dedicated To Planet Saturn


Thirunallar is a small village situated in the town of Karaikal in Pondicherry. This place is dedicated to Saturn. It can be reached easily by bus from Karaikal or one can hire a car also. Karaikal is very close to Thirunallar.

It is easy to take the road from Trichy via Thiruvarur and Karaikal in order to reach the place. The Saneeswaran Temple is the most noted temple in the town and it is famous for the shrine of Lord Shani. The temple is within Lord Dharbaranyeswarar.

The deity is in the form of Lord Shiva. The transition from one zodiac sign to the other is made by the planet Saturn once in every three years and on this auspicious day, millions visit the Saneeswaran Temple for worshipping the deity. The town has great contribution in the history of Tamil literature as the "Story of Pachchai Padigam", which is a hymn, is written here in this place.

The place remains cool throughout the year. Moreover, there is peace all over the town and the town is also very well maintained by the municipal authorities. There is a large tank also near the Saneeswaran Temple.

History Of Thirunallar

The history of the town is very interesting. In the ancient Tamil hymn of Pachchai Padigam, the glory of the town is cited. The virtues of the lord are given in this ancient hymn. The town, ages ago, was under the influence of Jainism but the Jains were not happy with the arrival of the Saivite saints in the town.

The king was not at all happy with Jainism and the arrival of the young Saivite saint Sambandhar helped him gain a cure from the problems that he was facing. The young saint had some powers that helped the king recover from agony.

The glory was preached by the king amongst the common people and this exposed the saint's greatness to the masses. Moreover, the young saint also showed his powers to the common people and they started getting benefits from him. This was a cause of pain for the believers in Jainism and they challenged the Saivites. Saivism was re-established after a challenge was taken by the believers of Jainism. The glory was rewritten and the temple of Thirunallar was built.

Tourist Places In And Around Thirunallar

Saneeswaran Temple, Sri Vadaranyeswarar Temple and the Badrakaliyamman Temple are the three main attractions of the Thirunallar town. Saneeswaran Temple is under the Sri Vedaranyeswarar Temple and thousands of pilgrims visit this temple every day. This is considered as one of the most powerful temples in the entire southern India, as there is a belief amongst the locals that one who visits the place never has their desires unfulfilled.

The pilgrims have to take a bath in the Nala Theertham before offering prayers to the god. These are the rituals that have been followed by people for years. The deity in the Saneeswaran Temple has his hand in a position where he is bestowing blessings. The pilgrims believe that Lord Saneeswaran delays but he never denies.

Sri Vadaranyeswarar Temple is the temple where Lord Shiva is worshipped. Suyambu Lingam is the lingam of Lord Darbaneyeswara. Thirunallar is the holy place where Lord Shiva showered his blessings on Lord Brahma.

It is the Dharpai grass which is the holy plant of the temple. Another famous temple in Thirunallar is the Badrakaliyamman temple. Moreover there are two holy chariots that are quite large. It is darsanam of gods and goddesses that the devotees see while the procession goes on. There are many tanks of holy water that are in the temple.

Other Navagraha Temples Nearby

All the other eight Navagraha temples are in proximity to Thirunallar. One could visit Suriyanar Koil (for the planet Surya or Sun God), Kanjanoor (for the planet Venus or Sukran), Alangudi (for for the planet Jupiter or Guru), Thiruvenkadu (for the planet Mercury or Budhan), Vaideeswaran Koil (for the planet Mars or Sevvai), Thirunageswaram and Keezhperumpallam (for the two snake planets) and Thingalur (for the Moon)

Best Time To Visit Thirunallar

October to March is the best season which is suggested to visit the town of Thirunallar as the temperature is very moderate during this period of the year.

How To Reach Thirunallar

It can be reached easily by bus from Karaikal or one can hire a car also.

Thirunallar is Famous for

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How to Reach Thirunallar

  • By Road
    The town of Karaikal in Tamil Nadu is connected with almost every city of the state. The major bus services pass across the city and one who wishes to visit Thirunallar has to board the bus so that they can reach the place quickly. Moreover private car services are also available in this route.
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  • By Train
    Mayiladithirai is the nearest railway station that is located near the Thirunallar railway station. Trains from across the state come to Mayiladithirai station and it takes just a few minutes from this place to reach Thirunallar. One can also check the train schedules properly in order to get a better service.
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  • By Air
    One who wishes to take a flight in order to visit the Thirunallar has to come to Trichy airport which is at a distance of 150 kilometers from the town. There are regular flights that are available from the Chennai airport. It takes less than an hour to reach the place from Chennai.
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