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Keezhperumpallam is a small rustic and charming place in the Chidambaram district of the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu that lies very close to Thiruvenkadu and is famous for the Keezhperumpallam temple.

The village is popular among foreign tourists who want to see and experience the rich culture and traditions of India ? In fact, many tourists prefer staying in the village for long days so as to participate in the day-to-day activities of the villagers including milking the cows and farming.

Tourist places in and around Keezhperumpallam

The main attraction of the village of Keezhperumpallam is the temple that is dedicated to Lord Ketu, and for this reason the temple is also popularly known as the Ketu Temple. People flock here to offer worship to the planet Kethu and have their malefic planetary effects rectified.

Another very popular tourist destination near the village of Keezhperumpallam is the Poompuhar Beach. The Beach is a favorite picnic and leisure spot for the locals and tourists too come to the beach to enjoy a sunny day.

Other Navagraha temples around Keezhperumpallam

All the 8 Navagraha Sthalas are situated close to Keezhperumpallam (which is one amongst the nine Navagraha temples or Sthalas). Thirunallar (for Saturn or Lord Shani), Kanjanoor (for Venus or Lord Sukra), Suryanar Koil (Sun or Lord Surya), Thiruvenkadu (Lord Budhan), Thingalur (for Moon or Lord (Lord Kethu), Alangudi for (Guru or Jupiter), Vaideeswaran koil (for Mars or Sevai), Thirunageswaram (for the snake planet Rahu) are located in proximity to Keezhperumpallam.

How to reach Keezhperumpallam

There is no airport or railway station in the village of Keezhperumpallam, but the place is easily accessible via roads that have been maintained well by the government. The state government runs buses on a daily basis to and from the village though there are no deluxe or air conditioned buses for the village.

Best time to visit Keezhperumpallam

Tourists normally throng the village during the winter months because the weather is quite pleasant during the time and one needn’t have to put up with the glaring hot sun of the summers.

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