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Thirunageswaram is located in the Tanjavur district of Tamil Nadu and it is a panchayat town. This place is situated about 8 kms east of the city Kumbakonam. This town is devoted to Rahu Bhagawan (Rahu planet). Thirunageswaram is also well known for its land’s fertility and the main crops that are cultivated here are wheat, rice and corn. One can also find plenty of mango and coconut farms around.

Tourist Places in and around Thirunageswaram

There are 2 main temples in the town- One is the famous Shaivitie temple of “Naganathaswamy” and the other one is the “Oppiliyappan temple” which is a famous temple for Vaishnavites.

In the temple of Naganathaswamy, the main deity is Shiva who can be seen with his consort Goddess Parvati. The idol of Rahu can be seen in human form in this temple. It is said that malefic planetary effects of Rahu in one's birth chart can cause problems in life. Thus, by praying to Rahu at the Naganathaswamy temple, one can overcome such misfortunes. The main highlight of the temple is Milk Abhishekam which is performed during Rahu Kalam.

Oppiliyappan temple is also a well known temple in Thirunageswaram which is visited by pilgrims all through the year. In this temple, Ramnavami is celebrated in a magnificently. On the last day of Ramnavami, Kanakibishekam and Thirukalyanam are performed on a royal and large scale and a large number of devotees throng to attend these 2 events.

Navagraha temples around Thirunageswaram

All the 8 Navagraha Sthalas are situated close to Thirunageswaram (which is one amongst the nine Navagraha temples or Sthalas). Thirunallar (for Saturn or Lord Shani), Kanjanoor (for Venus or Lord Sukra), Suryanar Koil (Sun or Lord Surya), Thiruvenkadu (Lord Budhan), Thingalur (for Moon or Lord Chandran), Keezhperumpallam (Lord Kethu), Alangudi for (Guru or Jupiter), Vaideeswaran koil (for Mars or Sevai) are located in proximity to Thirunageswaram.

How to reach Thirunageswaram

Kumbakonam railway station is the nearest rail station from Thirunageswaram. Trichy airport is very close to the place. The network for buses is also very good and travelers can avail bus services from Kumbakonam to reach Thirunageswaram.

Thirunageswaram weather

The religious temples can be visited during this time as the weather is neither very hot nor very cold. Also there is no fear of rainfall during this period. June-September time is perfect for visitors who want to stay in the town for a few days only. Despite the humid weather these months are enjoyable and good for sight-seeing.

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