Naganathaswamy Temple, Thirunageswaram

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This temple is one of the nine Navagraha temples located in Tamil Nadu and is dedicated to Rahu. The temple is situated in Thirunageswaram which is about 7 kms east of the city of Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu. Lord Naganathaswamy (Shiva) is the presiding deity of the temple and Giri Gujambika (Parvati) is his consort.

The Goddess is enshrined with Saraswati and Lakshmi beside her. In the temple, visitors can also see Rahu Bhagawan along with his 2 consorts Nagakanni and Nagavalli. Rahu worshipped Lord Shiva in this temple to get relief of a bane. The exceptional feature of Naganathaswamy Temple is that here Rahu Bhagawan has a face of a human unlike other temples where Ragu is idolized with a face of a serpent.

The temple includes quite a few mandapams, towering gopurams and huge prakarams. 4 entry towers can be seen which have walls like fort and these towers enclose the outermost prakaram. The idol of Rahu Bhagawan is located in the south west spot. The temple has a water head with 4 mandaps in its southern side, enclosed by 100 pillars Mandap in the style of a temple car. The temple’s architecture represents the Chola style.

The most important feature of this temple is that at the time of milk Abhishekam, when the milk is decanted over the Rahu’s idol, it turns to blue color and is visible to everyone.


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