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Thirunallar Attractions - Tourist Places To Visit In Thirunallar

  • 01Shri Darbaranyeswarar Temple

    Shri Darbaranyeswarar Temple

    One of the most famous Shani temples in Thirunallar, Pondicherry is the Sri Darbaranyeswarar Temple and this temple is located very close to Tamil Nadu. Thousands of pilgrims every day visit the place in order to get a glimpse of the Lord. The temple is dedicated to Saturn planet and is one of the Navagraha temples of Tamil Nadu.

    The temple has a shrine that is dedicated to Lord Shani but the temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The shrine faces towards the east with Abhaya Varada Hastham. The Lord is placed between the deities who are already presided. The temple is located on the south bank of the Cauvery river and is the most auspicious temple of Lord Shani in India.

    The Chola Kings are considered to be the founders of this temple. There are seven Saptavatika Sthalams of Tyagraja and Thirunallar is one of them. It is said that due to the evil effects of Saturn, one can face misfortunes, poverty and other bad consequences in his or her life. If one prays to Lord Shiva at this temple, he or she can be relieved from the ill effects of planet Saturn.

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  • 02Badrakaliyamman Temple

    Badrakaliyamman Temple

    Sri Badrakaliyamman Temple is one of the most powerful Hindu temples in the entire Thirunallar and perhaps in Tamil Nadu. Though the place is situated in Pondicherry, people from all across the southern state of Tamil Nadu do visit the place in order to receive the blessings of the deity.

    The deity here in this temple is a woman and she is made of Terracotta with four arms and faces the north. The women devotees give all kinds of precious things to the Goddess after their wishes are fulfilled as the deity is considered to be a symbol of power for the women.

    The temple is situated 15 km west of Karaikal. During the months of May and June a famous festival is organized by the temple authorities in order to celebrate the auspiciousness of the goddess. The temple is also known as the Ambagarathur Kaliyamman Temple. 

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