Thingalur – Blessed by Moon God

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Thingalur, a small and charming town, is situated in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The town is at a distance of 18 kms from Thanjavur and is easily accessible via good network of roads that connect Thingalur with some major cities like Chennai, Coimbatore, Kumbakonam and Madurai.

Tourist places in and around Thingalur

The place is famous all over the country for the Kailasanathar Temple that is located here. Within the Kailasanathar Temple is a shrine that is dedicated to the Moon God. According to a legend, Lord Shiva rescued the Moon God from a curse of Daksha Prajapathi and asked Him to stay in Thingalur to help people who suffered due to inappropriate placement of the moon in their horoscope. Today, the temple is visited by many people to ward off the ill effects of the moon in their astrological birth chart.

Religious Significance

The town is important from the point of religion as well since it is one of the nine places of the Navagraha Sthalas according to Hindu mythology. The temple is built on the banks of the River Cauvery and lies in the delta region of the river.

How to reach Thingalur

Thingalur is easily accessible via road though it does not have an airport or a railway station. The state government has made provision for buses to ply to and from Thingalur. The buses leave from the main bus stand in Thingalur for various destinations at regular intervals.

Best Time to visit Thingalur

However, it is best to get your tickets booked in advance to avoid the crowded buses. The best time to travel to the town is during the winter months of December, January and February.

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