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Thingalur Weather

The right time to visit Thingalur is from October to February when the weather is at its best. In fact, the place is bustling with tourists at the time because no one wants to miss the warmth of the winter sun or to forego the pleasant coolness of the night.


The geographical location of Thingalur renders it very hot weather during the months of April, May and June. In fact, the summer heat can be felt from towards the end of March itself when traveling becomes uncomfortable because of the increasing temperature and the high level of humidity. The hottest months in Thingalur are May and June with the temperature touching the skies at 38 degrees Celsius.


Monsoon in Thingalur begins towards the end of June and continues through July, August and September. The area receives moderate to heavy rainfall but can also experience rain storms that take up the intensity of a cyclonic storm during the months of July and August. Light showers are also seen in October and November.


December, January and February are typically the winter months in Thingalur. However, the winters in this region are nothing compared to the winters of northern India. In fact, winter time in Thingalur is considered the best time because the weather becomes light and pleasant. It tends to become relatively cooler towards the evening and at night, but this cold can be easily taken care of using light woolen clothes.