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Hogenakkal – The Smoky Rock Waterfall


Hogenakkal is a small village on the Cauvery river in the Dharmapuri district of Tamil Nadu. It gets its name from the Kannada word, 'Hoge' meaning ‘Smoke’ and 'kal' meaning ‘rocks’ and hence the term Hogenakkal meaning ‘Smoky Rocks’. A smoky appearance on the rock is created by the water plummeting forcefully. This riverside village is located approximately 150 kilometers from the busy metropolitan city, Bengaluru and is on the borders of the two states of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

It is a popular weekend destination for domestic and foreign tourists. The sound of the gushing Cauvery, freshly caught fish, which can be fried in one of the many kitchens by the river, the expert masseuse’s rejuvenating oil massage using local herbs, special oils and ancient knowledge of massage pints handed from generation to generation, all make Hogenakkal an interesting experience.

There’s more that Hogenakkal has to offer the tourists. For those who like a little adventure, can opt for swimming in the stream near the waterfalls, it is not as easy as it seems and should only be tried by expert swimmers. Or one can go for long treks along the Melagiri Hills, which will not only be an exciting experience in the fresh forest air but also offers breathtaking views of the lush greenery and beauty of the place.

It is not for nothing that many filmmakers choose Hogenakkal as the set for many romantic songs.

Tourist Places In And Around Hogenakkal

One of the main attractions in Hogenakkal is the coracle boat ride in the river Cauvery. Coracles are special circular basket boats, which are covered with plastic sheets to keep the water from entering from the bottom.

Strike a deal with the boatman and enjoy a ride in Cauvery. Although seemingly small, one boat can carry upto 8 people.

Apart from the food, and the makeshift spa treatment from the local masseurs, also known as malish-karans, another unique attraction in Hogenakkal is the local kids displaying their diving skills from a 30-feet high cliff into the river. These kids usually charge 5/- for each dive.

How To Reach Hogenakkal

The place has good connectivity.

Best Time To Visit Hogenakkal

Hogenakkal experiences a pleasant weather almost throughout the year. However, the period after monsoon has the river in spate and makes it an ideal time to visit.

Hogenakkal is Famous for

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How to Reach Hogenakkal

  • By Road
    The best way to reach Hogenakkal is by road. If you are coming from Bengaluru which is about 150 kms away, it would be an easy 2-3 hours ride and from Chennai about 5-6 hours. The place is well-connected by road.
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  • By Train
    Although the major cities around Hogenakkal are connected with train lines, the village itself is not accessible by train. The closet railway station is Salem which almost 75 km from the village.
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  • By Air
    The closest airport is the Bengaluru International Airport which is about 200 kms away. From the airport one can hire a private taxi to reach the place
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