Subramanya Siva Monument, Hogenakkal

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Subramanya Siva memorial, a monument built to commemorate the brave young patriot Subramanya Siva. Subramanya was born in 1884 in a small town called Vathalagundu near Madhurai and is known as Tamil Nadu’s one of the most renowned revolutionaries. He worked closely with V.O Chidamparam Pillai and the poet patriot Subramanya Bharati and was an inspiration and influence to many young men who joined the freedom movement.

Being Madras Presidency’s first political prisoner, his belief was that violence is the right response for violence when other methods fail. He was a poet and a scholar and penned the  ‘Ghana Bhanu’, a compilation of poems and a book 'Jail Life' which portrayed his experiences in the jail. This monument in Papparapatti in  Pennagram Taluk was constructed in his Samadhi or tomb after his death in July 1925. 

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