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Located at the meeting point of three states (Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala), Mudumalai is nestled in the thick forests of the Nilgiris and is well-known for its wildlife sanctuary. Mudumalai has been heralded as one of the richest wildlife sanctuaries in the southern part of India and is famous throughout the country as well as internationally.

Established in 1940, Mudumalai represents one of the most prominent and aesthetically pleasing attempts at protection and conservation of the country’s extensive plant and animal life. The wildlife sanctuary is the most popular attraction in these parts and houses many striking, rare varieties of flora and fauna that are usually not easy to trace.

The Mudumalai Wildlife sanctuary offers jungle safaris organized by the Forest department and these are truly worthwhile. The sheer diversity of species viewable in the sanctuary coupled with the different kinds of forests offer anyone taking these safaris an experience of a lifetime. Tropical moist deciduous, southern tropical dry thorn and tropical dry deciduous forests are found in the sanctuary.

For bird lovers, there’s the opportunity to chance one’s eye upon the two hundred plus species of birds that abound here. Animal life including monitor lizards, hyenas, jackals, deer, panther and antelopes co-exist peacefully in this serene and green environment.

Mudumalai is also home to a Tiger reserve that has India’s highest density of tigers. Furthermore, seven hundred Indian elephants roam the sanctuary. A massive amount of endangered species (plants, animals, birds) call Mudumalai their dwelling and hence, the sanctuary is pivotal in conserving bio-diversity in the country.

Wild rice, Turmeric, Wild ginger, Cinnamon, Mango, Guava and Pepper grow wildly in the sanctuary and thereby help ensure a reserve gene pool for the cultured plants. These plants help keep the scattered herbivorous wildlife happily fed, and the two species of Bamboos found here (Bambusa and Dendrocalamus strictus) aid bigger animals such as Elephants and Gaur in their quest for food.

Tourist Places In And Around Mudumalai

Mudumalai has a ton of attractions in the vicinity, and some of them include the Pykara Lake, the Kallatty Falls, the Theppakadu Elephant Camp, the Moyar River and many excellent locations for spotting and interacting with wild animals.

With its scenic beauty, sightseeing spots and trekking options, Mudumalai serves as an ideal destination for family picnics, adventure trips and one day tours.

Best Time To Visit Mudumalai

The pleasant weather the region experiences throughout.

How To Reach Mudumalai

Excellent connectivity by road make Mudumalai a much frequented destination irrespective of seasons.

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