Moyar River, Mudumalai

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The Moyar River is one of the tributaries of the Bhavani and originates from the town of Moyar along the Masinagudy-Ooty Road. It acts as a natural separation between the Mudumalai sanctuary and Bandipur. A number of animals visit the river to drink water, and this serves as a good place to spot them. The Moyar River Gorge, also known as the Moyar Canyon, is twenty kilometers in depth.

The massive gorge was dug out of the Moyar River, and the river water plunges into the Canyon from a great height giving origin to the Moyar Falls. A whole host of picnicking spots is present along the sides of the river and many tourists can be seen taking in the majestic view from them. The Moyar River is the main river feeding the Mudumalai National Park, and is a must see for those who want to experience Nature at its finest and most serene.

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