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Rajgir, the home of royalty, was the ancient capital city of the Magadha situated in the state of Bihar, India. Bhaktipur joins Rajgir to Patna by various means of transport.

Rajgir is situated in a valley and its charm has been a tourist magnet. The valley is roofed with mesmerizing hills. Rajgir as a city, is a cascade of countless tales pertaining to Lord Buddha and Buddhism.

Tourist places in and around Rajgir

Rajgir tourism abounds in monuments and places that can enrich the traveler’s knowledge and experience and can thrill anybody. The major attractions include Ajatshatru fort, Jivakameavan gardens, and Swarna bhander.

A prime highlight of Rajgir tourism is Brahmakund. Brahmakund are the widely known hot water springs with eminent medicinal properties and attract multitude of tourist. Jains and Buddhists have a great love for the city as their religious gurus namely, Gautam Buddha and Mahavir spent a large part of their life in the city.

Rajgir means rajagriha, “house of king”. It reveals about the story of the emperor Jarasandha, and his war with Pandavas. Rajgir also eye-witnessed the journey of Gautam Buddha and Lord Mahaveer.

Rajgir tourism is a catalogue of important events in the development of Buddhism and Jainism. The Saptparni caves of Rajgir were the venue for first Buddhist Council ever held.

The growth and popularity of Buddhism helped Rajgir become the centre of Buddhist activities. Rajgir tourism is an integral part of entire Buddhist Tourist Circuit and is connected with other Buddhist pilgrim destinations. Rajgir city is ten kilometres away from Nalanda, another Buddhist pilgrim destination of eminence.

Fairs and Festivals of Rajgir

The major festivities of Rajgir are Rajgir Dance Mahotsava festival. The people of Rajgir celebrate it with great spirit through devotional songs, instrumental music, folk dance, opera, classical dances.

The celebration of Makar Sankranti is held on ending of “Paus” month around 14th January during which people take a bath in holy water and exchange sweets. Another, high voltage festival is the Malamasa Mekathat which is held in every three years.

Rajgir weather

The summers can be warm and winters moderately cold. The best season to plan a trip to Rajgir is from October to March.

How to reach Rajgir

Connectivity to Rajgir may need some prior planning as it has a railway station and no airport of its own. The connectivity by road is decent and can be relied upon.

Rajgir tourism qualifies as a rich and relaxing travel destination. The city of Rajgir has a unique earthly charisma and is unexploited by the vices of the modern day. It’s perfect place to mediate and re-discover yourself. Rajgir tourism has emerged as a health and winter resort due to its warm water ponds, Brahmakund.

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