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East Champaran is the second most populous district of Bihar. The place derives its name from the synthesis, two words, 'champa’ and ‘aranya'. Champa refers to scented flower trees, and Aranya refers to the home or an enclosed place. The name originated back in a time when the district was surrounded by forest of Magnolia (Champa) trees.

It is an administrative district of Bihar, blessed with lush green surroundings has a great variety of tourist attractions. Gandak, Burhi Gandak and Baghmati are the rivers flowing through this region. Sharing its boundary with Nepal and having smooth connectivity to other cities of Bihar and other states, it has a wider connectivity. Thus, East Champaran accounts for being a tourist's delight.

Tourist places in and around East Champaran

Motihari town of East Champaran is considered as the headquarters of the district. It has witnessed few revolutionary historical events and is considered as the springboard for India's independence. The pioneering 'Satyagraha' movement by Mahatma Gandhi began here for the first time.

East Champaran tourism ensures the alluring tourist attractions such as the Kesariya Stupa, Raxual and Someshwar Shiv Mandir. All these places make East Champaran one of the sought after tourist spots of Bihar.

Art and Culture

East Champaran is known for its traditional anthology of folk songs. These songs are enjoyed their own importance according to occasions. Jhumeri Dance is a widely loved dance form of East Champaran and is performed by married women.

East Champaran also offers a variety of cuisines. The place is known for its mouth watering desserts such as Chhena Murki, Kesaria Peda, Khaja, Mal pua, Khurma, Thekua, Tilkut, Murabbathat which continue to enthrall the taste buds of locals and tourists alike. Like every rich culture, East Champaran revels in the joy of its festivities.

The famous Chatt Puja is the main Hindu festival of East Champaran, dedicated to the Sun God. It is celebrated twice the year; once in Chaitra (March) and the other time in Kartik (November). Tourists can plan a visit to East Champaran around the festive times of Makar sakranti, Holi and Ramnavami, which are celebrated in the district with much faith and enthusiasm.

Best time to visit East Champaran

The best months to visit the place are the winter months, from October to March. During these months, the temperature remains comfortable and apt for visiting all the places of interest.

How to reach East Champaran

East Champaran tourism offers best connectivity by the modes of rail and road.

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